How To Fix Telegram Connecting Problem – Telegram Connecting Issue

How To Fix Telegram Connecting Issue?

Telegram is a Pure instant messaging application for a Android, IOS & Desktop users. Telegram is quite a good app. Everyone like the interface, features and how smoothly the app runs.

In Telegram you can Turn on video or share your screen during Voice Chats in any group, Video chat with up to 30 people at once, you can also create custom animated backgrounds in Chat Settings.

In Telegram users can easily make a channel and promote their content to their audience. But, recenelty many users are facing Telegram Connecting Issue. In this tutorial I'll explain, How To Fix Telegram Connecting Problem in Android or IOS.

How To Fix Telegram Connecting Issue?


step 1

Telegram Updates

If you are facing Telegram Connecting Issue, You can go to your App Store or PlayStore and Update your Telegram Application.

If its not works then try "Step 2"

step 2

Telegram Apps Manager Setting

In this step you can go to your mobile setting then find the apps manager and search the Telegram, Then click on "Force Stop" and Clear the "Cache & Cookies".

If Step 2 is still not working then move to "Step 3"

step 3

Telegram Data or Wifi

In some country Telegram banned the Data network, If your sim data is not wokring on Telegram then use your home or public Wifi they will works.



If still your telegram not working then don't worry, Go to your Playstore or App Store download SkyVPN and connect your VPN to USA server then open your Telegram app then your Telegram is working.

Hope your Telegram Connecting Issue is Fix now! If still you have any question you can comment down below, I'll help you. Thank You!

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