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Hey guys, In this blog I'm going to introduce you to another great project 420x coin as you know guys there have been many scam projects lately but we are only trying to find and introduce you guys to the most trusted projects.

  • How does this Project Work?
  • How To Buy 420x Coin?
  • 420x Mission Statement?
  • What is 420x Token?
  • What are Tokenomics?
  • 420x Donations?
  • About 420x Token?
  • What are Mascot Competition?
  • 420x Coin Timeline
  • What is the Road Map?
  • What are the Mechanics?

And all the other details we're going to check out in this Blog. But before we start I'm going to put a Disclaimer that this is not going to be investment advice.

I'm just going to introduce this project to you guys by using their website information. If you want to invest or not it is entirely up to you.

So let's get started here is the 420x Coin Infomation.

Launch Date

April 20, 2021 (4:20 PM)


DxSale (Defi Dashboard)

Market Cap



17,236 Addresses

420x Coin - 420x Coin Price - 420x Coin Predictions - 420x Coin Topsandroid

Here is the 420x Coin website, Now I know the user interface looks quite Good! and let's be fair a little bit spooky too but I like it. it's really impressive and elegant so first of all hats off to the user interface.

It looks really neat the information is well put together alongside the text so, I think that's a plus for this project now let's get all the information about this project.

Shall we 420x Coin greetings toners around the world trying to 420x your investment in one day that means 420x means 420 times more.

So it is for those people who want to increase their profit by 420 times that's a metaphor figure not literally but we'll see if it is literally.

We've launched this token to the moon and on our beloved day 20 April 2021, Which was just Five days ago at 4:20 PM UDC.

So as you can tell this is a fairly new project that just launched five days ago though the website is developed and it'll be further developed even more.

420x Coin - 420x Coin Price - 420x Coin Predictions - 420x Coin Topsandroid

So, Let's get information about this project here is the White Paper Here is to Security Audit, & Last was How To Buy 420x?

How To Buy 420x Coin?



Go to PancakeSwap Then Connect Your Wallet Either "Metamask" or "Trust Wallet"



Then Go To Exchange Then Change Your BNB For 420x Tokens.



Then Click On Swipe,Hurray!! You're Now 420x Holder

Mission Statement?

Even if 420x looks like a meme token there is a lot more to it the supposed war on drugs that destroyed so many lives around the world.

Is still in full flow in most of the countries in the world in many countries Marijuana is placed among Drugs such as Heroin and carries a similar punishment.

Many countries kill you for smoking a joint this must Stop as you can see this is their mission and they are doing a part for a donation so they are doing a part for the community.

On their own an interesting start the dream team so there is a lot of extra information that I mostly don't read out in this project because they are in the white paper or the light paper.

So you can read it out on your own for all the information our focus is this right here so ergonomics but first, we're going to see about the 420x Token.

420x Token?

420x Coin - 420x Coin Price - 420x Coin Predictions - 420x Coin Tops android

420x is going to be launched at 4:20 PM. You'll see on the 4th April we plan to go 420x within the first few days of launching.

All the necessary measures have been taking. All the listings have been initiated Right Now.

All what's left to execute.  And execute. we will along with our community.

Let's make money and help the world at the same time Perfect Economic Activity.


420x is a deflationary coin with a fixed supply no more 420x can ever be minted every transaction has 8% burned and redistributed to token holders.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Burnt Before Pre-Sale: 250,000,000,000,000
  • Burn Road Map: 170,000,000,000,000
  • Developer Wallet: 75,000,000,000,000
  • Presale: 505,000,000,000,000


We want you to have the community decide where the help will go so obviously there is going to be a poll where the community can decide where their donations are going to go.

And that's about it from the White Paper and we're going to come back to the website I'm going to zoom out over here and as you can see over here is their tweet not necessary to it.

420x Coin - 420x Coin Price - 420x Coin Predictions - 420x Coin Tops android

It was a response that the Binance Chain Community the official Pioneer Chain Community responded to it so you can see over here here's their response right here and here's the actual Tweet on Twitter that you can see for yourself.

About 420x?

And here are the pricing and values of 420x.

420x Coin - 420x Coin Price - 420x Coin Predictions - 420x Coin Tops android

So we learned that it has an 8% Transaction fee. Which is split two ways 4% fee redistributed to all the holders.

And that is how we're going to make passive income and 4% is added back into liquidity.

And that is how this project works that are how we're going to make benefits from this project nowhere is the
420x mascot competition.

420x Mascot Competition.

We are holding a competition to name our Mascot allowing you to win 420 million tokens all you must do is provide names for our little guy here are the steps.

Step To Win 420 Millions Tokens.

  • Follow us on Twitter: 420x Coin
  • Comment on our pinned tweet with a name for our little guy.
  • We will choose the top 4.20 or 420 names and run a poll on telegram where the community will decide the winner.
  • The Top Voted name will get 420 million tokens.

420x Coin Timeline

420x Coin Road Map - Topsandroid

So they are planning to be listed on the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing they probably have already talked to them so it will be listed over there.


Basically, we have seen all the information about this project it looks really solid I think it is a wonderful project.
So it's exactly your choice if you want to invest in this but my word here is that it looks really solid I think this is an amazing project they are holding a competition right here that you can take part in and benefit from this project.
So if you want to then please do that so guys to be further informed about the innovations of this project follow their Telegram.

So guys we only introduce reliable systems here so we can help you earn more easily thousands of investors are listening to us and traders always make good money maybe you should buy this coin now you can become a millionaire after a year

So recommend this project to everyone So guys, if you want to buy this coin, buy it now let's not waste any time I think you can make a great profit guys.

Because you only find reliable projects for you so guys. You can also join the community of 420x Telegram and see more details from there.


And also guys you can get more information from the admins disclaimer trading digital assets involve significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital you should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience investor objectives and take independent financial advice if necessary it is up to you whether it's invest or not.

If there's something you don't know please don't hesitate to ask me so guys I'm really happy to introduce you guys to this fundraiser project Don't forget to Subscribe my Blog and I'll see you in the next Article.

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