EverVoice (Evernote Recorder)

Smart voice & audio recorder. Recordings uploaded automatically to Evernote. Easy 2-tap action.

Note: EverVoice is NOT call recorder.

★ Designed For Recording To Evernote: ★
2-Tap action: Open – Record – Close/Stop – you're done!
• Voice notes, audio memos, business meetings, conversations, lectures, … automatically uploaded to your Evernote account (Evernote > EverVoice folder).
Unlimited recordings. No time limit.

★ Two (2) Taps To Evernote – Fast! ★
Evernote's audio recording tool takes several taps to start and even more taps to record another audio session. That's a lot of tapping for busy people that want to make quick and fast audio recordings on demand.

EverVoice takes only two (2) taps to record and upload a recording to your Evernote account. Making EverVoice the smartest and best choice for making multiple recordings to Evernote.

Each recording is compressed and uploaded in the background, no waiting. So you can make another recording immediately. And another … and another …

WiFi vs Mobile Data:
Worried about upload data charges? EverVoice uploads recordings to Evernote only on WiFi by default. If you want it to upload immediately wherever you are, simply change the setting to 'upload on mobile data' and every recording will be uploaded asap no matter where you are.

Evernote Account Required:
EverVoice is designed to be used with Evernote – to upload recordings directly to an 'EverVoice' notebook in your Evernote notebook directory. When you initially set-up EverVoice, you will have to enter your Evernote details – only once.

FREE vs PRO Versions:
Most of EverVoice's features are available for free. But we do save some very good stuff for users that upgrade to the 'pro' version.

EverVoice Basic – All Users:
★ Mp3 or wav recording formats
★ Save/pause/resume/cancel recording process
★ Auto start recording (great for quick recordings)
★ Edit recording titles & add brief notes.
★ Recording playlists with full media control
★ Easy to use recordings list (change recording names, add notes). Including ⭐ Emojis ⭐, allowing each voice recording to be tagged with easy to recognise icons.
★ Send/share any recording via email, WhatsApp, messenger, etc.
★ Upload on Wi-fi only option (saves mobile data)

EverVoice Pro – In-App Purchase:
★ NO advertisements.
★ Background recording option (when at home screen, in other apps or when phone is locked).
★ Auto or skip silence option (removes silent gaps in recordings).
★ Mono or stereo recording option (excellent vs best recording quality).

Many Applications:
EverVoice is ideal for recording:
★ Voice notes.
★ Voice memos.
★ Audio to-dos and tasks.
★ Meetings & discussions.
★ Lecture or class recordings.
★ General conversations.
… Basically, any audio in crystal clear format.

Works On All Android Phones & Tablets:
We've tested and optimised EverVoice on every Android device – Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, Nexus, Xiaomi, etc. And it works perfectly!

Almost all Android tablets are also supported.

If you have any problems, please get in touch with us.

Permission Details:
EverVoice recorder needs some basic permissions to function 100% on your device. These include:
• Photos/Media/Files – Save recordings to your external storage.
• Microphone – Record audio from your microphone.
• Evernote also needs permission authorising the upload of recordings to your Evernote account.

Your Time Is Important!
At EverVoice, we're striving to build you a simple, quick and effective audio recording app to save you time & improve your productivity. That's why we made our recording features simple & fast.

Record anything to Evernote in 2-taps … with EverVoice, the smart voice recorder.

• Voice Recorder • Sound Recorder • Total Audio Recorder

Whats new

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1. (New) Brand new colour background - a darker shade of green.
2. (Fix) Upgraded Evernote account integration service.


Last Updated: October 21, 2016 Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000
Current Version 1.1 Content Rating PEGI 3
File Size OS Version 4.1 and up
Interactive Elements Digital Purchases In-App Products
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